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July 2009

4-dimensional branding?

by Jake Yarbrough on July 29, 2009

Christopher Rice wrote an extremely thought-provoking post recently in his Culture Hacker blog.

In it, he proposed that script writers think about writing cross-platform characters with rich pasts and futures. This way, the stories would contain even more dimension and the characters would be infinitely more compelling.

…the form of storytelling is evolving, which means producers, agents, and everyone that comes in contact with your story, in addition to your audience, will be expecting it just as they expect interesting characters, dialogue they’ve never heard before, and situations that they’d either hate or love to experience.

I think it is quite smart. And, of course, I want to consider it in the context of the characters I work with every day — brands.

All brands in the market have a real (as opposed to a fictional Hollywood invention) past and a real present. While some are certainly more compelling than others, are their back-stories and present-day tales contextually rich? Can they be made deeper and more meaningful in a responsible, authentic way?  Or, if we tinker with the history, does it tarnish the future?

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3 marketing lessons from euthanasia

July 28, 2009

We had to put our 13-1/2-year-old dog to sleep in the early morning hours last Tuesday.
Standing alone in the waiting room of a 24-hour animal hospital, with a half-cup of untouched coffee, and the tinny echo of Ron Popeil as he hocked knives from the plasma screen, I began to consider a lot of things. [...]

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Account planning is to glamorous

July 13, 2009

As rest is to the weary.
It’s been a crazy week. Trying to launch a business is fun. Full of pitfalls, but fun. I am so grateful for the huge numbers of people who took the time to read my blatherings and actually send me comments in return. I’m attempting to respond in kind to each [...]

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How many original ideas are there?

July 13, 2009

Early on in my career, I learned a lesson. It just took me 15 years to realize it, and now I’m making a major life change around it.
The Inspiration
Gladys Pinkerton, the first creative director I ever worked with, told me that there are only seven truly original ideas out there. (Floating in the ether, I [...]

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